Why do many designers and processors choose PU heat transfer vinyl?

What are its characteristics of PU heat transfer vinyl?

PU heat transfer vinyl ,vivid and various colors, detailed cutting, effortless weeding, and excellent washing resistance are the main features. PU is our most popular heat transfer vinyl currently available on the market. It’s guaranteed to give you an easy and fine application from start to finish.Next, please allow me to briefly introduce the characteristics of this vinyl to you!

1stBright color. PU Heat Transfer Vinyl is very clear, bright and shiny, which can perfectly express the color of the pattern, and is more suitable for young people.

Metallic PU Heat Transfer Vinyl Rolls
Glitter PU Heat Transfer Vinyl Rolls
Laser PU Heat Transfer Vinyl Rolls

2nd, PU Heat Transfer Vinyl has the advantage of high elasticity. The shape of the pattern will not be affected by large tearing or stretching, and it will not break. Moreover, PU Heat Transfer Vinyl is very easy to engrave and is suitable for most engraving machines.

PU Heat Transfer Vinyl Rolls
Metallic PU Heat Transfer Vinyl Rolls

3rd,Environmental protection and non-toxic, can enhance brand value.The difference between PU Heat Transfer Vinyl and other Vinyls is that it has environmental protection features, so you don’t have to worry about the unqualified environmental protection test, and you don’t have to affect the production efficiency of your own factory. The most important environmental protection features will not cause harm to human body.

4th,Washable.PU Heat Transfer Vinyl has a very high degree of washing resistance, far exceeding the times of printing PVC films. After repeated washing, it still does not fade, with high color fastness, smooth surface and good hand feel.

5th,Widely used.Suitable for a variety of fabrics, with a wide range of applications.

Have you developed an interest in PU Heat Transfer Vinyl after understanding this? Quickly follow HMJ and contact us to customize your exclusive PU Heat Transfer Vinyl!

PU Heat Transfer Vinyl Rolls
PU Heat Transfer Vinyl Rolls

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