What is a HF TPU Heat Transfer Label?

HF TPU Heat Transfer Labels are the unique etching technique, allows you to incorporate multiple design elements within one design.

Sometimes we call them by 3D HF heat transfer TPU badges, 3D Thick Print TPU transfer patches for team club, Embossed 3D TPU logo patches.

3D Thick Print TPU heat transfer labels are made with high-frequency technique by TPU films, hot melt films, position films. We can custom logo thickness from 0.5~1 mm, Size from 1″ to 4″. The edges of the label can be round with texture and the surface can have a dome or sharp effect.

There are different patterns and finish of HF TPU Labels available for selection:

Single color glossy HF TPU Label patches

Single color matte high frequency matte TPU transfer patches

Single color foil TPU transfer badges

Single color chameleon heat press TPU patches

Iron-on embossed Reflective HF TPU Labels

3D thick HF TPU club patches heat transfer label

High raised print multi-color Sports team LOGO heat press badges

Embossed 3D TPU logo patches with adhesive backing for gloves

HF emboss TPU logo
HF emboss TPU logo
HF emboss TPU logo

If you are looking for a high quality customize patched that can be widely used for sports teams,clubs ,organizations or uniforms,gloves …..Our HMJ 3D emboss TPU Label patches with logo are your best choice!

Customized 3D printed emboss TPU Heat Transfer Labels are highly popular among various groups teams such as all type of balls teams, military units, police departments, scout groups ,highway patrols, fire departments, schools and more.

Additionally, each branded HF 3D embossed TPU patch is custom with up to size,colors, shape and so on according to customer designs and requests, we will always try our best ensuring that your patch represents your logo or message in the best possible way, So please don’t hesitate, to get your Embossed TPU patches or emblems to us, we HMJ will get you a excellent experience in versatile and customizable emboss PU patch options for your brand or logo.

HF emboss TPU logo
HF emboss TPU logo
HF emboss TPU logo

We HMJ focus on Garments heat transfer labels, Core Product lines including :

3D Mould Silicone Transfer logo making workshop, the 3D raised silicone transfer Logo that with Strong 3D appeal with texture, high coverage.

Silicon Screen Print Transfer label making workshop, the screen printing silicone heat transfer logo with soft hand feel, Multi-Color & Multi-Layer…

Laser Cut & Marking Transfer label making workshop,the laser transfer logo with Appearance Variety (eg.Reflective , iridescent, metallic, glitter, incorporate multiple design elements within one design that different patterns appear from different angles.

3D emboss high frequency transfer patches making line that to get strong 3D effect with lightweight and bright coloration.

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