What is 3D Raised Silicone Heat transfer Logo? Where are they used?

3D Silicone Heat Transfer Logos offers an exciting range of innovative printing options. With their soft touch feel, exceptional raised effects and defined sharp-edged finishes, these logos are a stylish choice for clothes, hats or bags…

The colorful and surface effect can get for high build silicone labels

We have different types of 3D silicone stickers, such as the simple one-color letter silicone tags, which can be known as the ceiling in silicone label types. Why are we say that? Because the simple one-color silicone labels are versatile, whether it’s heat transferred on textile.

One-color silicone labels

Below are some of the One-color silicone labels’ pictures.

Two-color silicone transfer stickers

There is one kind of two-color silicone transfer stickers. It looks over from face-on is one-color effect to us. But it’s cunning is on the side, when you look at it from the side,you can find that it turns out that the 3D silicone labels here have two colors.


Multi-color silicone transfer labels

Multi-color silicone transfer labels are what we often say colors dispensing silicone transfer logos. Simply put, it gets a new color by Contrasting colors.


Thermochromic transfer silicone labels

These are all common silicone transfer stickers styles. There are also photochromic transfer labels and thermochromic transfer silicone labels with special processes. silicone transfer labels of these two processes can be made into flat effect or thick plate effect. When the condition of discoloration is reached, the transfer logo trademarks will change color.

Adding surface grain effect on the basis of one-color is also a popular silicone transfer logos style in recent two years. It can be made into stripes or plaids.

In addition to these common styles, 3D high build silicone heat transfer logos can also be customized according to customer requirements, and your unique logo can be customized!

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