characteristics and applications of Silicone heat transfer vinyl

What are the characteristics and applications of Silicone heat transfer vinyl?

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Silicone heat transfer vinyl is a high quality high elastic soft hand feel transfer labels laser cutting Vinyls.This material has many characteristics.What are the specific characteristics of this material and what are its applications in the printing industry? Let me introduce it to you!

What are the characteristics of silicone heat transfervinyl?

1st,High accuracy.

Silicone heat transfer vinyl can be engraved with high precision and can be made into various shapes and sizes. Its high precision is very suitable for the production process that no needs a lot of repeated printing ,no need to set up printing plants no need so many labors ,only need a laser cutting machine ,less space and less labors. High-precision engraving of silicone lettering film can ensure the clarity and accuracy of printed matter, and improve production efficiency and product quality.

2nd,Strong wear resistance.

Our Silicone heat transfer vinyl has made by liquid silicone ink , so it has good wear resistance. Even after a long period of use, it is not easy to have problems such as wear or deformation. This can ensure the long service life of the printing template and reduce the printing cost.

3rd,Strong chemical resistance.

Silicone heat transfer vinyl needs to be treated with chemicals in the printing process, so it needs to have certain chemical resistance. As it happens, silicone heat transfer vinyl can adapt to all kinds of chemicals well and will not be corroded or damaged. This characteristic can ensure the stability and reliability in the printing process.

4th,High transparency.

Silicone heat transfer vinyl is very transparent, so it can transmit light well when printing. This can ensure that the brightness and color of the printed patterns and characters are very bright and the effect is very good. The high transparency also makes silicone heat transfer vinyl an ideal material for making some products that need transparency, such as stickers.

5th,Easy to process. 

Silicone heat transfer vinyl can be easily processed, and it can be cut and spliced as needed. In this way, can printing templates of various shapes and sizes on the top of silicone vinyl for high raised 3D effect ,like HD glossy silicone printing, Pulling stone silicone printing,colorful silicone effect printing.After finish printing to cut by laser cutting.

Quick Weed Silicone Vinyl 3D HTV Silicone Transfer Vinyl Rolls

What are the applications of silicone heat transfer vinyl?

Silicone heat transfer vinyl is widely used in textile label industry.Silicone heat transfer vinyl has important applications in labels, stickers and packaging. silicone heat transfer vinyl also plays an important role in the fields of electronic product manufacturing, automobile industry and mechanical processing. Many factories also combine the characteristics of silicone heat transfer vinyl with other materials to develop various new printing materials.

To sum up, silicone heat transfer vinyl has many characteristics such as high precision, wear resistance, strong chemical resistance, high transparency and easy processing, which provides better material selection for printing process and promotes the development of printing industry.


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