Toothbrush effect silicone heat transfer labels

Designers of Textile, are you still considering design inspiration?

Come and have a look at this 3D Raised Effect’s silicone transfer logos process ——Toothbrush effect silicone heat transfer labels

Why do some people call their toothbrushes some Toothbrush silicone dots labels, while others call their Toothbrush effect silicone heat transfer labels?

The reason why this product is called toothbrush dots effect silicone heat transfer labels is because the product looks like a toothbrush, has a strong three-dimensional effect, feels very soft and will not deform even if it is pressed at high temperature!

High Raised Silicone Heat Transfer brush stickers to make a high 3D effect, but also to resist high temperature and hot pressing without deformation, you can only make it made of silicone for soft hand feel and supper elastic and washing. So that’s why most brush effect printing we see are silicone printed heat transfer brush silicone labels!

 Multi-Color 3D Raised Silicone heat transfer labels with letter-style toothbrush dots, and other designs of toothbrushes.Product styles and colors can be customized according to customer drawings!Not only that, this toothbrush effect silicone heat transfer labels can also be made into a gradient effect, which is very fashionable and advanced.

And 3D raised dots brush silicone logo is easy to operate (only need a heat transfer machine, press the labels and the fabric together according to the corresponding control parameters, wait for cooling and remove the PET film, and then transfer the silicone heat transfer logos to the fabric).

Custom 3D high raised Brush Dots Silicone Heat Transfer Label
Custom 3D high raised Brush Dots Silicone Heat Transfer Label
oothbrush Effect Silicone Heat Transfer Stickers

The process design of silicone hot labeling for toothbrush is advanced, soft and advanced. Is the designer still considering the design inspiration? Come and see the silicone heat transfer labels of this process!HMJ can make customized silicone heat transfer labels for cotton, polyester, nylon, home textiles, clothing, bags, shoes, ribbon, elastic band, cuff and other materials.Continuously meet your needs!

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