Custom PU reflective transfer logo for garment and reflective vinyl rolls

PU Reflective Heat Transfer Logo & Vinyl Rolls for Garments

Custom reflective transfer logo become a favorite with the customers who support our T-shirt brand. Sticks to fabric great as long as you follow instructions & use right amount of pressure. Great look & shine to it when the light hits it in the dark, def recommend this type for Garments.

Heat Transfer Parameter:

Product thickness: 0.1mm,0.12mm,0.14mm,0.2mm,thickness and color can be customized.

Temperature : 133-145℃ face-on press

Pressure: 2-5KG

Time: 8-15 Seconds

Operation: Cold peeling

PU reflective transfer vinyl rolls
PU reflective transfer vinyl rolls
PU reflective transfer vinyl rolls

The advantages of PU reflective transfer logo & reflective vinyl rolls:

1st, PU heat transfer vinyl Logo & rolls has the characteristics of good stretch resilience and soft hand feeling, which makes it more comfortable to use.

2nd, PU heat transfer reflective label & vinyl rolls are not only resistant to dry cleaning and washing, but also does not fade or degum after long-term washing, which ensures the durability and aesthetics of vinyl.

3rd, Rainbow Reflective Transfer Labels &Vinyl Rolls  are easy to carve and tear, with full hand feeling and strong hiding power. It will not deform after high-temperature hot stamping and can meet various laser requirements.

4th, only low labor cost is needed when using. When you purchase PU heat transfer vinyl and want to use it for design, carving, and sales, all you need is a laser engraving machine and a worker to design and make the logo you want. There is no need for a large factory. You can arrange an appropriate number of one or two machines and a shelf for storing certain materials to complete these processing tasks. It can greatly save labor costs and space consumption.

The power of PU heat transfer vinyl is transferred to clothing in a simple and fashionable way, giving people a unique style, which is a highlight of contemporary fast-paced characteristics. The current trend of PU heat transfer vinyl is unstoppable! So far, it has been used in multiple well-known clothing, tourism enterprises, and individual stores worldwide, greatly improving efficiency and reducing costs for customers. With PU heat transfer vinyl, everything becomes simple and efficient.

Custom PU reflective heat transfer logo
Custom PU reflective heat transfer logo
Custom PU reflective heat transfer logo

Application scope of PU Reflective Heat Transfer Logo & Vinyl Rolls:

PU heat transfer vinyl has a wide range of uses, which can be applied to various textile fabrics such as clothing, bags, shoes and so on, such as sportswear: numbers and trademarks, basketball, football, bicycle clothing, sneakers, swimsuits, other elastic and blended fabrics and so on;

Personalized clothing category: personalized T-shirts, advertising shirts, advertising umbrellas, aprons, hats, travel bags of travel.

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