3D HTV Silicone Heat Transfer Films and Rolls

Art format preferred: AI, pdf, JPG, PNG
Thickness: 0.2mm,0.3mm,0.5mm or Custom
Product Origin: China
Port of Shipping: Shenzhen, Guangzhou
Lead Time: 4-7 days for sample, 7-15 days for order,depends on quantities
Heat Transfer Temperature: 150’C

3D HTV Silicone Heat Transfer Films and Rolls description

Product name:

3D Silicone Heat Transfer Films and Rolls

Model number:Silicone heat transfer film Silicone colorful vinyl sheet 
Material:Liquid Silicone ink
Thickness :

0.2mm,0.3mm,0.5mm or Custom

Colors:Colorful & Custom
Technics:Silicone vinyl Laser cutting and Heat Transfer 
Application:Cotton, Polyester, Nylon, Home Textiles, Clothing, Bags, Shoes, etc
Shelf life:12-18 months
Heat Transfer Temperature:140-150’C
Heat Transfer Time:8-15s
Place of Origin:Dongguan China
MOQ:1-5 rolls
Package:carton, According to your orders
Delivery time:5-10 days for sample, 10-20 days for order, depending on quantities.
 Tools:Computer cutter plotter /Lasser cutter  and Heat press machine
Use Method:1,Custom by Computer cutter plotter /Lasser cutter according to designs
2, Heat press by heat press machine
Advantage:Not easy fade, environmental, good hand feeling, gorgeous visual, Make your clothes, bags, shoes more design
Reliable and experienced manufacturer
Excellent anti-migration effect 
High quality with reasonable price and on-time delivery
Print silicone ink printing designs on silicone Vinyl to get more appealing

3D HTV Transfer Film Sheet Feature:

1st,with Excellent product quality.

Very soft hand feeling, high extensibility, good hiding, anti-sublimation, good carving and waste discharge. High-temperature hot stamping does not deform, and is suitable for various textile hot stamping personalized patterns, which is simple and convenient to use. The material is nontoxic and environment-friendly and can be certified by any international notary inspection agency, which greatly improves the added value of products, provides a solid guarantee for environmentally-friendly products, and can be in direct contact with skin.

2nd, have excellent touch feeling.

it feels like baby’s skin, with rich layers, bright colors, soft and smooth patterns and extremely high touch, which has a very good three-dimensional effect. Generally, the cost is higher than PU vinyl.

3rd, only low labor cost is needed when using.

When you purchase Silicone vinyl, you only need a laser engraving machine and a worker to make the logos you want. You don’t need a big factory. You can complete these processing jobs by arranging a suitable number of one or two machines and a small site for some materials according to your needs. It can save labor cost and site consumption to a great extent. The power of silicone vinyl, which transfers it to clothes in a simple and fashionable way, gives people a different style, which is the highlight of contemporary fast-paced characteristics. At present, the trend of silicone vinyl is unstoppable! Up to now, it has been used in many well-known clothing, tourism enterprises and individual stores around the world, which has greatly improved the efficiency for customers and reduced the cost. With Silicone vinyl, everything has become simple and efficient.

4th, machines and equipment that can be used for subsequent processing of silicone vinyl:

  • Engraving machine/laser machine: used to engrave the coated silicone vinyl.
  • Printing machine: silicone vinyl is used to print patterns or words.
  • High-frequency machine: silicone vinyl and fabric are hot-pressed by high-frequency current to realize the firm combination of silicone vinyl and fabric.

Heat transfer conditions:

  • Thin: Face-on press,140-155℃,2-4KG,8-12S,Cold tearing
  • Thick: Back press, 140-155℃,2-4KG,10-15S, Cold tearing
3D Silicone Heat Transfer Films and Rolls
3D Silicone Heat Transfer Films and Rolls
silicone heat transfer vinyl Rolls

Thickness : 0.2-0.5MM & Custom; 
Size: 60CM*30M, 40M, 50M/ roll;

Shiny silicone heat transfer film

 Tools: Computer cutter plotter /Lasser cutter and Heat press machine.

Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl film

3D Heat Transfer Film Sheet

Application scope:

Silicone vinyl has a wide range of uses, which can be applied to various textile fabrics such as clothing, bags, shoes and so on, such as sportswear: numbers and trademarks, basketball, football, bicycle clothing, sneakers, swimsuits, other elastic and blended fabrics and so on; Personalized clothing category: personalized T-shirts, advertising shirts, advertising umbrellas, aprons, hats, travel bags of travel agencies, numbers and logos of factories and schools, etc.




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