How to use Custom Transfer 3D High-Raised Silicone Logos?

How to heat press HMJ 3D High-raised silicone transfer LOGO?

1, put fabric on the heat press, and turn the heat press to 150 degrees.

2, put the transfer stickers on the desired position of the fabric,

3, make the heat press work 8s-15s for the back side, and peel off the carrier in cold.

Advantages of 3D high-raised silicone ink transfer logo:

Not easy fade, environmental.

good hand feeling, gorgeous visual, Make your clothes, bags, and shoes more design Reliable and experienced manufacturer

Nice design and excellent craftwork

High quality with reasonable price and on-time delivery

Accept customers’ logo. design,

Artwork and OEM are available.

3D heat transfer label manufacturer Supplier

As a professional 3D heat transfer label manufacturer Supplier we can consistently manufacture products that meet your requirements. We custom heat transfer labels for global brands and meet the customization needs of large and small businesses. We provide high quality reasonable prices, and efficient and professional service.

For our HMJ custom 3D Raised Effect Brand Logo 3D liquid Silicone Heat Transfer Clothing Label we chose the material of high-quality silicone ink, Special heat drying during label making for High elasticity, anti-slip, waterproof and washable, resistance to dirt and abrasion, high weather resistance and not easy to aging(high temperature and very low temperature, ), and can keep the color of the pattern for a long time without fading.

The 3D heat transfer label has a smooth surface and good hand feel, Suitable for all kinds of fabrics. custom thickness which will have a 3D effect on the fabric and soft feel comfortable. Excellent fastness, with better fastness than silicone direct printing and transfer printing, the label back side raw material of ourselves developed hot melt film with supper fastness, suitable for various types of fabric.

We custom single-color and multi-color 3D high-raised silicone ink transfer labels, screen printing silicone and water-based HD raised transfer stickers,3D TPU transfer Logo, laser cutting transfer vinyl labels, and transfer reflective transfer stickers for customer.

For more high-raised transfer stickers kindly follow my Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtkjdqIFI4FyaPBHoR0RqTg

3D high raised transfer silicone label
3D high raised transfer silicone label
3D high raised transfer silicone label
3D high raised transfer silicone label
3D high raised transfer silicone label
3D high raised transfer silicone label

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