How to make 3D heat transfer Emboss TPU Patches?

How to heat press High Frequency TPU Logo on Garments?

How to make 3D Raised Transfer Patches by High Frequency Welding Machine and TPU film?

The tips to make 3D Raised Emboss TPU LOGO by High Frequency Welding Emboss Machine & High Frequency TPU film

Processing equipment:

High Frequency welding Machine HF Output 8KW

TPU patch badge logo high frequency label embossing machine

TPU film and materials :

0.3mm 0.5mm High frequency Emboss TPU Heat Transfer Vinyl,Position film for TPU Logo Making,TPU Transfer Logo Hot Melt film

To get 3 layers materials together then move to High Frequency Welding Embossing Machine to Emboss the Transfer 3D TPU Patches.


3 layers materials :

1st layer :Position film that special for TPU Logo Making.

2nd layer :Color High Frequency TPU Film Like Glossy Golden TPU Film,Silver HF TPU Film transfer film,if need multi-color colorful effect TPU Transfer Logo to print color solvent ink on color TPU or Transparent Matte and Glossy TPU film for color designs effect .

3rd layer :Transfer Logo making Hot Melt film.


High frequency machine – waste removal – hot stamping to the base material.

Heat transfer conditions:

Back press,145-155℃,3-4KG,12-20S,Cold tearing

Customized cases of TPU special process with different carving effects:

Biting flower,Top flat,Oblique fine grain,Three dimensional+diagonal pattern,Three-dimensional building corner,Three-dimensional oblique edge,Stereo+Stripe,3D solid edges and corners

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