High Raised 2 Layer Colors Silicone Transfer Labels

High Raised 2 Layer Colors Silicone Transfer Labels

2 layers colors Silicone Vinyl Rolls

Custom 3D raised 2 layers colors silicone vinyl cutting labels for customers.

 To use material of liquid silicone ink, Special heat drying during printing for High elasticity, anti-slip, anti-slip, waterproof and washable, resistant to dirt and abrasion, high temperature and very low temperature, high weather resistance and not easy to aging, and can keep the color of the pattern for a long time without fading.

The High Raised 2 Layer Colors Silicone Transfer Labels have a smooth surface and good hand feel, and the combination of patterns and fabrics can produce high firmness. Suitable for all kinds of fabrics. Ordinary thick board heat transfer is a silicone transfer, which will have a 3D effect on the fabric and soft feel comfortable.

Cutting according to customer designs or screen-printing Logos on the Silicone on the silicone vinyl and then by laser cutting for 3D high-raised silicone label patches.

 We can do both custom silicone vinyl and customer logo design for customs.

As a heat transfer label manufacturer and supplier, we can consistently manufacture products that meet your requirements. We custom heat transfer labels for global brands and meet the customization needs of large and small businesses. We provide high quality with reasonable prices and efficient and professional service.

To custom your own design transfer logo kindly contact Belinda: +86 13653482667 WhatsApp& Wechat Email: belinda@hmjsiliconesticker.com https://hmjsiliconesticker.com/

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