heat transfer label manufacturers

Heat Transfer Label manufacturers

There are many heat transfer label manufacturers and suppliers all over the world. They specialize in producing labels and heat transfer applications. These labels are commonly used in the garment industry for applying logos, designs, and other graphics onto clothing items through heat transfer methods like heat press machines.

First we would like to introduce some different kinds of heat transfer labels:

Heat Transfer Labels Types:

Silicone Heat Transfer Labels

Silicone heat transfer labels are kinds labels made with environmental protective silicone materials.

These silicone labels can be made with screen printing on a PET Film and then heat press transfer on the clothing, or 3D Molding then sewn or embroidered on the garments or bags, etc. Especially for the sportswear and team clothing with logos.

These silicone labels sometimes also were called silicone patches, silicone badges, silicone crest.


Water based HD Screen Printing Heat Transfer Label

Water-based High-density heat transfer labels are usually made by screen printing on a PET film and then heat press on the clothes, like T-Shirts.

3D Raised Printed Sports Wear Team Logo Patched Badges

For ball team patches two ways:

 First way to chose Silicone Vinyl,TPU foaming or flocking Vinyl ,fabric or leather with hot melt film backside as the based layer, we print high density water based or silicone ink  for patterns raised printing first then to do laser cutting to get the patches badges that can heat press on Sports team Uniform.

Second way to print glue layer and a based layer on PET film ,then print high colorful raised layer.

TPU Embossed Heat Transfer Patches

TPU Heat Transfer badges patches

The TPU labels are embossed logo with heat transfer hot melt glue by heat pressing on the apparel and garment.

TPU heat transfer labels are made with 3 layers of the firm, one is positioning film, the second is TPU film, the third layer is hot melt film.

TPU Embossed Heat Transfer Badges

Reflective Heat Transfer Labels

Reflective heat transfer labels two types:First to cut by PU or TPU Vinyl with heat transfer hot melt glue layer on plotter or laser machine. Second ink to mix with reflective powder to do screen printing on PET film. Third to mix reflective powder in silicone ink to make 3D molding transfer silicone logo.

PU heat transfer labels are embossed logo with heat transfer hot melt glue. After these labels were made with bulk quantity, then they can be cut by laser cutting machines. So they also can be regarded as laser cutting labels.

To make laser cutting on reflective vinyl is the most convenient way can can get the best reflective effect  and more different reflective effect with short lead time.

Custom PU reflective heat transfer logo

PVC and silicone Sewing patches

PVC and silicone sewing labels are the kinds of molding PVC and silicone paste Labels, and then by embroidering or Sewing on the fabric on a textile products, like bags, hats, or shoes.

As it is a sewing process, PVC labels can not be strictly categorized into the heat transfer labels. But these are all the kind of labels used in the textile and garment industry.

After introducing the different kinds of heat transfer labels, we will introduce some heat transfer label manufacturers in China, in the USA.

Heat Transfer Label Manufacturers in the USA

Quality Woven Labels: it is a well-known manufacturer of the various clothing labels, woven logo labels, sublimation printed labels, heat transfer labels. It is a clothing labels manufacturer that can make various kinds of labels. Heat transfer labels is a one of its sub-business.

Custom Woven labels: it is a a manufacturer of different kinds of labels and patches. Including custom heat transfer labels and and custom PVC patches, etc.

Heat Transfer Label Manufacturers in China

HMJ Silicone Sticker: It is a professional heat transfer labels manufacturer in China. Although its name called silicone sticker, it also produce other kinds heat transfer stickers and labels, like TPU heat transfer labels, PU heat transfer labels, etc.

Of course, these labels are mainly used in the textile and garment industry that mainly can be heat press or sewn on the garments, clothes, shoes, bags, hats and even luggage case, etc.

When choosing a heat transfer label manufacturer, consider factors such as the quality of materials, compatibility with your printing equipment, range of available colors and finishes.

And also some additional services and support they may offer, the cost-effectiveness is also a consideration. 

It’s also a good idea to request samples and compare prices to find the best fit for your specific needs. If you need have needs for the custom heat transfer labels for clothing, welcome to email your designs to us for quotes.

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