Football Patches and Badges

Football patches and football badges are commonly used by football clubs and teams to represent their identity, achievements, and affiliations. They serve as symbolic elements that convey a sense of belonging and pride among players, fans, and staff.

How were these Football patches made?

These footlball patches and badges can be made various kinds of workmanship. We can make them by the following workmanship:

1 TPU heat transfer labels and logos.

Football Patched can be made with TPU material by TPU heat transfer Printing, they are usually called TPU heat transfer labels and logos, or called TPU patches, TPU badges.

football patches and badges made by TUP heat transfer labels and logos
football patches and badges made by TUP heat transfer labels and logos
football patches and badges made by TUP heat transfer labels and logos
custom tpu heat transfer teams badges

2 Screen Printing 3D designs on fabric, leather, vinyl, flock or tatami background with hot melt film

Football patches can be made by Screen printing High Density 3D designs on the fabric background. The fabric can be flock fabric, tatami fabric, or vinyl. Then a big piece of fabric with design logos will be laser cut into pieces of patches and badges. So the football patches were will made well.

Screen Printing 3D designs on fabric background patches and badges
Screen Printing 3D designs on fabric background patches and badges
Screen Printing 3D designs on fabric background patches and badges
Screen Printing 3D designs on fabric background patches and badges

3 Silicone or water based badges by hot melt glue.

Football patches also can be made by silicone rubber or water based rubber with hot melt glue. These football badges are also very nice look by heat trasnfer printing workmanship.

football patches and badges
football patches and badges
silicone Heat Transfer patches
Custom Silicone heat Transfer Vinyl Crest for Sportswear

4 Some others complicated or simple methods like embroidered logos, silicone moulding logos, or PVC logos.

The embroidered football patches are not so brilliant in colors, and silicone moulding patches are expensive, PVC logos are too low-end, there is also a kind of football pin patches that made by metal, but this is another workmanship, not belong to our topic.

We recommend the first 3 workmanship, as the they they can make very excellent football patches and badges with brilliant colors.

Here are some common types of football patches and badges:

Football Club Crests/Logos: 

Every football club has its unique crest or logo that represents its identity. These often feature symbols, colors, and sometimes animals or other iconic imagery associated with the club’s history or location.

Football League Badges:

Many leagues have their own official badges that teams wear on their kits to signify their participation in a particular league. For example, the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, etc., each have their distinctive badges.

Football Championship Badges: 

These are awarded to teams that have won specific championships or tournaments. For instance, winning the domestic league, cup competitions, or continental tournaments like the UEFA Champions League or Copa Libertadores often results in the addition of special badges to the team’s kits for the following season.

Football Sponsor Logos:

While not necessarily badges in the traditional sense, sponsor logos are often prominently displayed on football kits. These logos represent the financial support provided by sponsors and are crucial for the funding of clubs.

Football Anniversary Badges:

Clubs sometimes release special patches or badges to commemorate significant anniversaries, such as the club’s founding year or milestone seasons.

Football Charity/Community Badges:

In some cases, clubs partner with charitable organizations or support specific causes. They may wear special badges on their kits to raise awareness or show their support for these initiatives.

Player Names and Numbers: Though not badges per se, player names and numbers are often printed or embroidered onto football shirts. These identifiers help fans and officials distinguish players during matches.

Football Respect Badges:

Competitions like the UEFA Champions League feature respect badges, which teams wear to promote fair play and respect for opponents.

Football Promotion/Relegation Badges:

Teams that achieve promotion to a higher division or suffer relegation to a lower division may wear special badges to signify this change in status.

3D Embossed Mould silicone sewing patches on the garment

These patches and badges are not only symbols of pride and identity but also serve practical purposes, such as helping referees identify teams and providing sponsorship visibility. They are an integral part of football culture and tradition.

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