Exploring Application of Effect Clothing Texture Patterns

Silicone/TPU/PU heat transfer logo labels for garments

Everyone may know that silicone transfer labels are mainly sewing labels and iron heat press transfer labels , others are silicone hook& loop labels, or lanyard labels, etc.

pattern texture is one of the indispensable elements in design, which can be used as a design element to enhance the aesthetics and recognition of works. pattern texture are often used in logo design.

First of all, pattern texture can be used to fill the blank or background color in the logo. It can increase the layering and three-dimensional sense of graphics and make the logo look more vivid.

Secondly, pattern texture can be combined with words to form a unified overall effect. The combination of patterns and characters can maintain clarity and identifiability in different sizes and colors, which has a very good effect.

This article mainly introduces what grain pattern texture effects can be made on the surface of silicone transfer labels.

Every shirt, T-shirt, shoe or anything in the world needs a brand. Brand logo defines our existence and represents quality. The way and quality of the logo you transfer on the fabric will tell us your importance, that is, brand value. HMJ is a factory that main customizes heat transfer labels for clothes, bags and so on, and will always help you. Just bring your artwork, photos, logos, designs or graphics or its coral files, and then we have the responsibility to provide you with the best fabric transfer patches &transfer labels & , fabrics or any other fabric you can imagine.

The common surface pattern texture of Transfer labels are geometric patterns

Various textures can be made on the surface of silicone heat transfer/sewing labels and TPU heat transfer/sewing labels.Twill, plaid and wavy are common and customizable textures.Multiple layers of raised shading pattern texture can be added to the flat pattern texture to create a high raised effect heat transfer labels.Raised Silicone Transfers embody a breakthrough in garment decoration technology, providing an appealing three-dimensional effect.

Custom Embossed Logo High Frequency TPU Patches For Uniforms
Custom Embossed Logo High Frequency TPU Patches For Uniforms
3D Effect TPU Heat Transfer Clothing Labels
Custom Embossed Logo High Frequency TPU Patches For Uniforms

Pattern texture can not only beautify the logo, but also provide creative design inspiration for designers.

Pattern texture can not only beautify the logo, but also provide creative design inspiration for designers.

First of all, the traditional Pattern texture can be integrated into modern design and produce different effects. For example, by simplifying and modernizing the traditional Chinese knot Pattern texture, you can get a fashion-conscious Pattern texture design logo.

Secondly, Pattern texture can be influenced by the culture of this industry and form a representative design style. For example, in the e-commerce industry, common elements such as shopping carts can be added to the Pattern texture design to highlight the characteristics of the industry.

Finally, Pattern texture can be integrated into the company’s trademarks or other elements to increase recognition and professionalism. For example, the combination of iconic brand fonts and Pattern texture can design a logo with its own brand and strengthen the brand image. silicon rubber iron heat transfer labels,TPU heat transfer labels ,silicone printing heat transfer labels, silicone laser cuting heat transfer labels, The above process can perfectly customize the logo design you want, clearly present the Pattern texture you want, and silicone transfer labels is environmentally friendly and soft, which can add added value to your brand.


Good logo design Pattern texture heat transfer labels application and sharing ideas

Please allow us to share some good logo design patterns for you, hoping to bring some inspiration to designers.

The first combination: using the traditional national culture Pattern texture to improve and integrate modern elements.

The second combination: combining the company culture, combining the product with the Pattern texture to increase the recognition.

The third combination: combining brand fonts, shaping brand image, achieving a high degree of professionalism and creativity.



Design Pattern texture is an important element for logo design. It can increase the aesthetics and recognition of the design, and also provide sufficient inspiration and space for designers. I hope this article can provide some useful reference and help for designers.

Generally speaking, a good logo design requires designers to be creative, professional and executive in the creative process, laying a good foundation for corporate image and brand building. These good designs need good carriers and mature technologies. silicone heat transfer logos technology is a very good choice, which can present your ingenious design with the desired effect and is also very popular among the public.

These transfer patterns are made of environmentally friendly silicone material and firmly bonded to the fabric by heating. Their extraordinary elasticity provides long-lasting durability, maintaining their vibrant colors and striking 3D appearance even after multiple washes. Raised silicone heat transfer labels have a unique, soft, and rubbery texture that is gentle on the skin and provides a high-end touch for clothing.

Just get in contact with us, if you need any help.

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