Design Your Apparel with Tagless Labels

Design Your Apparel with Tagless Labels
Design Your Apparel with Tagless Labels

Transfer printing tagless label is a process of hot stamping tagless label on clothes by thermal transfer printing technology. This kind of tagless label usually contains the fabric composition, size information, washing method (such as dry cleaning, machine washing and hand washing), whether it can be bleached, drying method, ironing temperature requirements and other information. Compared with the traditional sewing tagless label, the transfer printing tagless label has better durability and hand feeling, and will not directly rub the skin, so it is especially suitable for high-end clothing, underwear, children’s wear, shoes and hats and other products.

Design Your Apparel with Tagless Labels
Design Your Apparel with Tagless Labels

The advantages of the transfer tagless care label mainly include:

1.Strong durability : Made of high-temperature resistant materials, it can withstand repeated washing without falling off or fading.

2.Comfortable to the touch : Compared with the traditional cloth mark, the transfer tagless care label is closely attached to the fabric and will not rub the skin. It feels smooth and very soft, providing a better wearing experience.

3. Fine pattern : Suitable for printing complex and fine patterns, even small patterns can be clearly displayed.

4.Wide scope of application : Suitable for all kinds of fabrics, including cotton, knitting, blended fabrics, etc., to meet the needs of different garments.

5.Easy to identify: Provide clear washing and care information to facilitate consumers to wash and maintain clothes correctly.

To sum up, the transfer neck label is welcomed by the market because of its durability, comfort, fine pattern expression, environmental protection and safety, wide application range and clear washing information.

Personalized patterns can be customized by transferring neck labels. The process of neck label and hot stamping allows the production of fine patterns, including fine patterns, and is suitable for all kinds of fabrics. In addition, the pattern design of the neck label can be customized according to the needs of customers. Designers will create patterns according to the needs of products, and then transfer the patterns to the neck label through a specific printing process. Therefore, whether it is simple words or complex graphics, it can be personalized by transferring neck labels.

Design Your Apparel with Tagless Labels

Neck label thermal transfer: very suitable for customized brands, explore the Excellence of our screen printing transfer, and the design is full of vitality. Our conversion stretches without cracking and is durable and comfortable. Achieve the best opacity, and ensure that the product exudes vitality and leaves an unforgettable impression. Seamlessly capture complex details, perfect for neck labels, logo labels or accurate gang tables. Enjoy a seamless finish with no obvious outline, providing polishing and professional beauty. Our transfer printing is printed on a transparent film, which seamlessly blends with the product surface and presents a modern appearance. We also provide free cutting service.

Heat Transfer Conditions:

Back press,155-160℃,2-4KG,15-20S,Cold tearing

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