Customized Epoxy Resin Domed Logo Heat Transfer and Sewing Stickers for Garments

Choosing the right supplier for your custom resin domed logo stickers depends on your specific needs, including design, application method, and desired quality. The brands listed above are well-regarded in the industry and offer various customization options to help you create the perfect branding for your garments.

Customized resin domed logo heat transfer and sewing stickers for garments combine the durability and visual appeal of domed logos with the versatility of garment applications. Here’s an in-depth look at their advantages and applications:

Customized resin domed logo heat transfer and sewing stickers for garments
Customized resin domed logo heat transfer and sewing stickers for garments

Advantages of Heat Transfer and Sewing Stickers Labels:


Resilience: Resin domed logos are highly durable, resistant to scratches, UV rays, and weathering, ensuring longevity.
Waterproof: The resin coating makes these logos waterproof, ideal for garments that require frequent washing.

Visual Appeal:

3D Effect: The doming process creates a three-dimensional effect that enhances the visual appeal of the logo.
Glossy Finish: The resin provides a high-gloss finish, making the logos stand out.

Customized resin domed logo heat transfer and sewing stickers for garments


Application Methods: These logos can be applied using heat transfer or sewing, allowing flexibility in how they are attached to garments.
Customizable: They can be customized in various shapes, sizes, and colors to match brand identity.


Smooth Surface: The resin coating ensures a smooth surface that won’t irritate the skin, making them comfortable to wear.


Professional Appearance: The high-quality finish provides a professional look, enhancing brand perception.
Recognition: The distinctive 3D look helps in brand recognition and differentiation.

Customized resin domed logo heat transfer and sewing stickers for garments

Applications of Heat Transfer and Sewing Stickers and Logos:

Fashion Apparel:

T-Shirts and Hoodies: Adding a resin domed logo to casual wear like t-shirts and hoodies can elevate the garment’s aesthetic and make it a fashionable item.
Jeans and Jackets: For a durable and stylish brand tag, these logos can be applied to denim and outerwear.



Jerseys and Activewear: Resin domed logos are perfect for sports jerseys and activewear due to their durability and ability to withstand frequent washing and physical activity.
Caps and Hats: These logos can be added to caps and hats, providing a high-end look and feel.


Corporate Uniforms: They can be used on corporate uniforms to reinforce branding and present a polished, professional appearance.
Workwear: The durability of resin domed logos makes them suitable for workwear that undergoes rough use.


Bags and Backpacks: Custom resin domed logos can be applied to bags and backpacks for added branding and style.
Footwear: They can be used on shoes, adding a unique branding element.

Here below is the application methods of heat transfer labels for garments

Heat Transfer:

Preparation: Position the resin domed logo on the garment.
Heat Press: Use a heat press machine to apply the logo. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for temperature and time settings.
Cooling: Allow the logo to cool before handling the garment.


Placement: Place the resin domed logo in the desired position on the garment.
Stitching: Use a sewing machine or hand stitch to attach the logo, ensuring it is securely fastened.

Test First: Always test the application process on a sample garment to ensure the best results.
Follow Instructions: Adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines for both the resin domed logos and the garment material to avoid damage.
Proper Tools: Use the appropriate tools and machines for heat transfer or sewing to ensure a professional finish.

Environmental Considerations

Eco-friendly Materials: Choose resins and base materials that are eco-friendly and non-toxic.
Waste Management: Properly dispose of any waste materials and consider recycling options for scrap materials.

By leveraging the advantages and versatility of customized resin domed logo heat transfer and sewing stickers, you can enhance the appearance and durability of a wide range of garments and accessories, effectively promoting your brand and meeting the demands of various applications.

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