Custom High-Quality 3D Raised TPU Heat Transfer Label

Today. let’s together understand metal TPU high frequency heat transfer label for craftwork and use .

How to make the Very popular TPU heat frequency transfer label in global market? 

Let’s take a look.

TPU Heat Transfer Label Production process:

Prepare TPU materials and Mold making

1st: Prepare TPU materials

2nd: Mold making

colorful design printing and  HF TPU Welding

3rd. Colourful design printing(solvent based ink screen printing or UVprinting) If single color no need printing.

4th: PU Logo Hydraulic High FrequencyWelding Machine 8KW,10KW 12KW.

cutting and forming inpsection and packing

5th: Cutting and Forming

6th: Full Quality Inspection and Packing

TPU high frequency heat transfer label is a kind of widely use trademark made of TPU material. The pattern is printed to the substrate, that is, the fabric cloth by means of heat transfer printing. 

Its characteristics are soft texture, water resistance, resistance to pull, and with a three-dimensional sense, is the first choice for all kinds of children’s clothing, high-end clothing, underwear, shoes and hats. The use of high frequency heat transfer will make your products become higher grade!

What’s Characteristics and use for TPU high frequency heat transfer label?

TPU patches and TPU heat transfer label with 3D logo, can addition unique metal finish and texture on your clothing, hat, shoes, backpack, etc.

tpu heat transfer labels for clothes and garments
tpu heat transfer labels for shoes and hats
tpu heat transfer labels for backpack and bags

TPU patch, like silicone heat transfer label, can be used on any clothing that needs a 3d look. TPU patch has a harder feel, silicone heat transfer is softer.

  • You can customized highly detailed 3d logos and rich colors.
  • Electroplating shiny gold, silver,rose gold, black and other metal colors . are the most unique finish of TPU patch.
  • Any unique texture can be made: twill, grid, dot, etc., making the TPU patch more gorgeous.

Do you have any different opinions about the high frequency heat transfer label? If interested, please contact us.

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High Frequency TPU Embossed Logo Sticker for Uniforms

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