Can 3D high raised glossy silicone Logos also be transferred on a gradient bright surface fabric?

Custom transfer 3D high raised glossy silicone printing logo can also be made into a gradient bright surface? Let’s see how cool this is!

Silicone printing gradient process is a printing technology that uses color gradient effect to make patterns.

What is the material about high build glossy silicone screen printing heat transfer logos?

The main materials of silicone printing gradient process are mostly CMYK color and some florescent colors, to make gradient screen and printing color silicone ink. Among them,for 3D high raised multi-color glossy silicone label making ,to make gradient screen is the key in the printing process, and printing color is the core point of gradient effect.

Generally, there are metal mesh, nylon mesh, poly-cool mesh and so on, and different effects can be obtained by choosing different screens in different application scenarios. Plate ink is generally divided into water-based plate ink and oily plate ink.

Gradient printing screen is the core of silicone screen printing HD glossy transfer logo for gradient process, which can make the printed color show a continuous transition effect from dark to light and color mixing effect.

What is the production process of HD silicone screen printing heat transfer labels making?

The production process of silicone screen printing gradient technology mainly includes the steps of designing template, making plate ink, making gradient plate and printing.

First of all, you need to use design software to draw the pattern with gradient effect and output the pattern as a vector file. After that, the pattern is printed with screen printing ink to make a version.

After the plate ink is dried, the gradient plate is inverted on the plate ink, so that the printing color can achieve the gradient effect, and then the version is photo cured, and finally printing can be carried out.

Where can high raised silicone screen printing heat transfer logos be applied?

Silicone screen printing heat transfer logos can be used for anti-skid, waterproof, high and low temperature resistance, health care and decoration of many kinds of products, such as all kinds of webbing, elastic bands, belts, bras, bra shoulder straps, seamless underwear, swimwear, sports gloves, sports protective devices, stockings, trademarks, LOGO, waistbands, lace, clothing and so on.

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Custom transfer 3D high raised glossy silicone printing logo
Custom transfer 3D high raised glossy silicone printing logo
Custom transfer 3D high raised glossy silicone printing logo

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